As a native speaker, I have not given as much attention to learning Urdu as to other languages. Some of my suggestions for Hindi speakers can be found in the following post: Cracking Urdu: A Guide for Those Who Know Hindi

For the time being let me mention the Ukindia Learn to Read Urdu Website. I may recommend alternatives when I find resources I like more. In the meanwhile let me know what you have liked in your own efforts. Look at this BBC Guide to Urdu as well. This tutorial is helpful for those familiar with Hindi.

From Columbia University: The newly created ‘Urdu Audio-Visual Module Project’ serves as an innovative resource for teachers and learners of Urdu. The stunning and colorful video clips are based on real life situations with varied linguistic, social and cultural contents. They are short, unscripted, unrehearsed and offer samples of spontaneous and authentic Hindi speech. Based on ACTFL guidelines and National Standards (5Cs), the modules can be used to engage students in the two modes of communication (that is; interpretive and presentation) in a classroom to improve students communicative skills.  

The AIIS Urdu Modules Project introduces 28 thematic modules of Urdu language and culture. Filmed in New and Old Delhi, these modules record the lively traditions of Urdu Zabaan and exhibit the rich literary, cultural and culinary traditions of the Urdu speech communities in Delhi.

A new way to learn the Urdu script for those who know Hindi or English: Amozish from Rekhta.org. 


Interesting Articles on Urdu

What is Urdu by Justice Markandey Katju (2011)

Urdu Ghazal and the Indian Mind by Professor Gopi Chand Narang

Urdu in the Pre-Modern Period: Synthesis or Particularism by Professor C.M. Naim

Some Notes on Hindi and Urdu by Professor Ralph Russell

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