As an Urdu speaker, I have found the following roadmap the most effective in learning Hindi:

1. The first 20 lessons from the Ukindia Learn to Read Hindi Website. My recommendation is to pick up the basics and ignore anything that seems to complicated or is mentioned only for the sake of completeness. For example, Hindi has letters for compound sounds of which only a few are commonly used. The beginner can ignore the rest for a later stage.

2. Use the excellent Devanagari Script Tutor developed by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) if you wish to see how to draw/write the letters and hear how they are verbalized.

3. Use the New York University Virtual Hindi Website to begin reading. The graded stories from very easy to difficult are ideal to learn as you go. You can hear the stories as well to correct your pronunciation. The meanings of unfamiliar words are also provided.

Interesting Articles on Hindi

Some Notes on Urdu and Hindi by Professor Ralph Russell

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4 Responses to “Hindi”

  1. Narmeen Says:

    Thanks so much for this roadmap. I am an Urdu speaker, based in Lahore. I’ve begun the Hindi lessons you suggested and am really enjoying them so far. Learning is not usually fun, or so we’ve learnt from experience, so I’m thinking there’s bound to be difficult stuff ahead. In anticipation therefore I would love to have a Hindi speaker guide me when the need arises.

  2. Narmeen Says:

    An update on my Hindi learning endeavour. I have sped through the twenty lessons and am now able to read and write simple sentences and stories. It was more like memorizing a code rather than learning a new language and the real test will be to retain it in the long term without getting regular practice. However I suspect it’ll probably be like learning the bicycle and will come back quickly when needed even if not practiced regularly. It took a week, it was fun and it provided a real sense of achievement. So thanks for the initiative. I’m now off to learn Pashto!

  3. shabaali a bhojani Says:

    I have intrest in learning farsi with hindi/gujarati.

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